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You can now See Mick Shepherd on his and chat with him live on SKYPE user name micksguns


~ Mick Shepherd with some authentic INDIAN gear ~

Mick welcomes his friends from the all over the world, including the UK, USA, Spain, Czech Republic, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, India, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, Scotland, Greece, Slovenia, Cyprus, Holland, Turkey & Portugal to his new web site.

If we have left anyone out, please let us know.


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Mick Shepherd's direct telephone number 0044 7970 239211

Mick Shepherd's NEW e mail address MicksGuns343@gmail.com

You can now See Mick Shepherd on his and chat with him live on SKYPE user name micksguns

Mick Shepherd has more guns in his collection than most gun shops. What is displayed on this web site is just the tip of the iceberg. If there is a particular gun you are looking for, please ask Mick, if he has two, he will sell you one cheaper than anyone else ! Mick can also source guns, with friends in every corner of the world, nothing legal is impossible.

Mick Shepherd is first of all a collector, it hurts him to let a gun go from the collection, and only does so to swap, exchange or buy a gun he does not already have.

Throughout the last 35 years, Mick Shepherd has built up a reputation with friends from all four corners of the world, please feel free to read and sign the guest book yourself.

~ Please enjoy surfing this web site ~

~ Mick's iconic Remington 1100, a picture that took 4 years in the making, see the Mick's Story Page ~


A special warning from Mick's Guns.

We wanted to warn all our friends and customers who live in the south of England about a con man operating from the Ashford area of Kent.

His name is Keith Cornford and he deals in mainly antique guns and Nazi daggers, this man is not to be trusted, any dealings you have with him you will greatly regret.

One of our friends has lost tens of thousands of pounds to this con man.


See Micks Guns video of the International Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame in Jackson, Tennessee.

Watch Mick Shepherd play on the same set of drums played for Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash !


Ivory CRAZYNESS !!! 

Please read below and see what will be happening with all ivory weapons sales through auction houses. Julia is one of the first. 

Description: Please see the James D. Julia website for our Position on Ivory. (10/1/14): James D. Julia Auctioneers complies with all federal laws and regulations: As per the President's Executive Order of February 2014, this item with its ivory is legal to sell and buy provided there is an ESA "Antique Certification" document proving the age. You must purchase an ESA in order to take possession of the ivory. If you wish to acquire the ivory after you purchase this gun, you must hire John Sexton, who is an independent consultant with the appropriate qualifications to prepare ESA certifications accepted by government agencies. John's address is: 1962 Portage Landing North, North Palm Beach, FL 33408.

ESA statements prepared by John Sexton can be acquired for a cost of $1,500 each. It is the buyer's responsibility to make payment to John for the ESA statements. The documents are prepared by John and not by James D. Julia Auctioneers. Once the ESA statement is prepared and provided to Julia's, you can have the ivory mounts. Be sure to keep a copy of your ESA certificate for your records also. THIS GUN IS BEING SOLD WITHOUT THE IVORY MOUNTS. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE THE IVORY AT THE TIME OF YOUR PURCHASE. IF YOU WISH TO ACQUIRE THE IVORY ITEMS, YOU MUST PURCHASE AN ESA "ANTIQUE EXEMPTION" CERTIFICATE. NO EXCEPTIONS! SN 121581. Cal. 32 WCF (32-30). Extremely rare rifle with 24" oct to rnd bbl, half magazine, takedown with ivory bead Beach's style combination front sight, semi-buckhorn rear sight & Lyman combination tang sight.

It seems we are not the only crazy country ! would you pay $1,500 for an ivory bead ?


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Mick Shepherd's NEW direct telephone number 0044 7970 239211

Mick Shepherd's new e mail address MicksGuns343@gmail.com

Mick Shepherd can now be contacted live on SKYPE user name micksguns

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