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All the guns on this page can be owned in the UK without a licence providing they are kept as a curio ornament in the home, if they are to be used, the relevant licence is required.

~ As per Home Office guidelines section 58 (2) ~


Marlin Model 1881.

* Very rare Marlin Model 1881 lever action rifle in the calibre 0•32-40. Full octagonal barrel with full length magazine tube, the classic cowboy rifle with the very smooth action. Section 58 (2) No Licence needed. Only £1,800 *

Remington Hepburn.

* A scarce "Remington Hepburn" in •32-40, this is a great target rifle with the adjustable foresight and flip up tang sight, it has a super bore and is in good working order and condition, it really does shoot well. Only £4,250 *

Colt Lightening •40-60.

* A scarce "Colt" made pump action rifle of heavy frame in •40-60-260, this is one of the only models that we are able to own in the UK without a licence, it has a good bore and is in great condition and working order. Only £4,000 *

8 bore single barrel shotgun.

* A very good 8 bore single barrel shotgun by "G. E. Lewis", the gun has a 36" browned Damascus twist barrel which is choke bored and engraved with "G E Lewis, choke bore, Lower Loveday St, Birmingham, No 6926" which is fitted to a pistol grip walnut stock making it 53" overall in length, the back action lock hammer lock is finely engraved with ducks taking off from a marsh setting with some scroll engraving the whole in good overall condition and working order plus a good bore, these have been going up in value and harder to find, no licence required, Only £2,250 *

•577-450 Martini Henry carbine.

* An unusual •577-450 Martini Henry carbine, the 19 3/4" barrel marked "K. P. Lodhayala & Co Fine English Manufacture".  The action is engraved with scrolls and a Hindu inscription, Only £675 *

Westley Richards ZAR.

* A standard Westley Richards & Co manufactured ZAR with Henry rifling, great condition and working order, only £850 *

•50-70 Springfield carbine.

* A scarce •50-70 Springfield carbine, it has a 22" barrel with a great bore, the top of the lock marked 1866 with an Eagle head under and the lock and trigger guard, all with matching numbers 2210. The gun has been restocked and Indian decorated, this gun is in good working order and condition and would make a great shooter if put on your FAC. Only £1,500 *

•577 Snider Carbine.

* A nice •577 Snider Carbine with a good bore having five groove rifling, this was made by W. H. Tisdall with the lock dated 1872, this is a good honest gun in good working order and condition. Only £675 *

Winchester take down model 1894.

* This would have been a great Winchester carbine model 1894, Sn.395xxx C.1907 if some idiot hadn't tried to file part of the barrel round, as this is a take down model with a 20" barrel and 2/3 magazine tube, the gun is chambered for the •32-40 (section 58-2) I believe this was part of a Japanese contract. Only £2,250 *

Winchester Model 1876.

* A rare Winchester model 1876 musket carbine in •45-75 gun number 62xxx C.1888 only 1118 produced that year, there is a minor crack to the forend other than that it's a great gun for the collector. Only £3,250 *

Winchester Mod 1886

* A very nice, very scarce, big bore Winchester model 1886 rifle in the caliber of 40-82.  It has a crescent butt stock and full length round barrel, c.1893 No.823xx. one of the best 40-82 Mod 86's I have ever seen, Only £2,750 *

Winchester Mod 1894.

* A good clean Winchester model 1894 saddle ring carbine in •32-40, which has been refinished, this is a standard specification Winchester c.1907. Only £2,000 *

Remington rolling block carbine.

* A nice Remington rolling block carbine in •44-77 a great gun for only £950 *

J. H. Crane •577 rifle.

* A •577 Snider sporting rifle by J. H. Crane that would be a great shooter due to it's fantastic bore with four grove rifling, the rifle has been rebrowned. Only £750 *

Winchester Hi Wall •40-60 No 3 Barrel.

* A classic Winchester model 1885 Hi-wall manufactured in 1887 in .40-60win with a full octagonal number 3 barrel off 30" length, it has all the standard Winchester markings, the action is fitted with a set trigger (needs adjusting) and the barrel with a super bore. Only £3,250  *

Winchester Hi Wall •32-40 No 4 Barrel.

* A great scarce gun for the UK market, a Winchester model 1885 high wall made in 1896 with the sought after 30" number 4 barrel in •32-40 fixed to an action with double set triggers which in turn is mounted on a walnut stock ending with a brass Swiss style butt plate, there is a minor crack to the toe of the stock (see pic) where it was dropped on the stock, a super gun which would make a great target shooter if added to your FAC. Only £3,250  *

Winchester Mod 94 in •32-40.

* A great Winchester model 1894 saddle ring carbine in the most sort after calibre •32-40 Winchester, with the scarce 2/3 magazine tube. The gun is circa 1913 and has a great bore and is in great working order and condition, it also has the scarce Winchester express rear sight. Only £2,750 *

Winchester 94 in •32-40 rifle.

* A great Winchester model 1894 in the most sort after calibre •32-40 Winchester, full length octagonal barrel, full length magazine with standard Winchester markings to barrel and frame. Other than the easily repairable small chip to the forend, this really is a great collectible Winchester, Only £2,250 *

"Westley Richards" ZAR •577-450.

* A scarce "Westley Richards" ZAR •577-450 Martini Henry military rifle made expressly for ZAR "Zuid African Republic" it has a 32 1/2" barrel with Henry rifling, the action has a patent cocking indicator and been re-finished, Only £875 *

R. S. Garden 0•577 Snider.

* A nice Snider action sporting rifle by "R. S. Garden" of London, it has a 21 5/8" barrel with one standing and three folding leaf sight mounted on it, the straight hand stock has a 14 1/4" pull, Only £650 *

Winchester model 1894.

* A fantastic Winchester model 1894 lever action rifle in the most sought after chambering of •32-40 win, this gun was made in the first year of production with a four digit serial number, it has a 26" round barrel with a full length magazine, the fantastic walnut stock has a crescent butt plate and a Lyman tang sight and a beach combination sight offering a globe and open blade flip up fore sight, the gun is in great working order and condition. Only £3,500 *

Winchester Express Model 1876.

* This Winchester model 1876 is a scarce one having a rare 22 inch barrel and a half magazine and in the rare 50-95 Express chambering. The gun shoots great and functions perfectly, it has been re blacked over light pitting, a great find at only £4,250 *

Winchester Model 1887.

* A very good and highly collectible Winchester Model 1887 lever action shotgun in 10 bore x 2 7/8" (Section 58-2) , with a 32" barrel. This is a particularly good example, £POA *

Maynard capping breech loader.

* 0•38 calibre Maynard capping breech loading rifle, made by the Massachusetts Arms Company, very nice condition, a very accurate rifle in its day, only £950 *

Stevens Favorite 0•25.

* Stevens Favorite rifle made 1893-1939. This model is a round barrel take down action, in 0•25 rim fire, as can be seen in the pictures it is in very good condition with a excellent bore and colour, only £650-00 which reflects the condition *

Double 8 Bore shotgun.

* Scarce double barreled side by side boxlock 8 Bore shotgun with 28 1/4" barrels, 14 1/4" pull and overall length of 45 1/4".  The gun retains virtually all its colour case hardening and finish. It has seen little use and the action is completely solid and tight. The gun is in good condition apart from the bruising to the left hand side of the stock which could be rectified. 8 bore double guns such as this are increasing in value rapidly, only £4,500 *

Gustav Genshow 24 Bore.

* Scarce 24 Bore side by side shotgun by "Gustav Genshow & Co A.G. Hamburg. Germany" which is on the rib as shown in the above photo, 28 15/16" barrels, 14" pull, overall length 45 5/8", only £775-00 *

Winchester Model 1887.

* Winchester Model 1887 lever action shotgun, 10 bore x 2 7/8", in very good working order, This is your chance to own a real Winchester ! only £1,500 *

A very special 10 bore !

* Beautiful double 10 bore pin fire ball gun by John Lyell, 25 7/8" barrels, overall length 42 3/4", excellent wood and engraving, 4 leaf express sights, a very fine tight all round gun, only £1,800 *

Winchester model 1894.

* Winchester model 1894 in calibre 0•32-40.  26" round barrel, with rare double set triggers, good condition, only £3,300 *

0•577-450 Martini Henry.

* 0•577-450 Martini Henry "Long Lever" overall length 48 3/4" and 33" barrel, £750 *

Gardiners Patent •500

* Very rare Gardiners Patent, •500 Calibre slide action rifle, only £1,850 *

What is it ?

* Devoid of any markings, from the collection of Dr Hans Gorg Plaut, housed recently in The Museum of the Blenio Valley, Casa dei Landvogt in Switzerland. This delightful and unusual gun is for sale for only, £550 *

Benjamin Cogswell.


* Benjamin Cogswell •45 Calibre capping breech loading target rifle, unknown patent, with original tang sight, 34" barrel with good bore, £3,000 *

0•577 / 450 Martini Henry.


* 0•577 / 450 Martini Henry Sporting Rifle made by Joseph Bourne & Son, Birmingham England. 26 3/4 barrel with good bore, engraved action, £1,100 *

0•577 / 450 Martini Henry.

* 0•577 / 450 Martini Henry service rifle, long lever model, very good overall condition, 33" barrel with good bore, £750 *


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