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All the guns on this page can be owned in the UK without a licence providing they are kept as a curio ornament in the home, if they are to be used, the relevant licence is required.

~ As per Home Office guidelines section 58 (2) ~


Double action pinfire.

* A 7mm double action pinfire revolver with 2 1/2" ovate barrel, this one has a top strap unlike the more common open top ones that you come across. It has Walnut grips and is in good working order and condition. Only £295 *

Tranter self cocking double trigger revolver.

* A nice cased 2nd model Tranter self cocking double trigger revolver, it is a five shot 80 bore with 4 1/4" barrel with the top strap engraved "W Tranter, Patentee" it is housed in it's original blue baize lined fitted Oak case with some accessories, Only £2,250 *

Tranter patent 0•32 rimfire.

* A good cased Tranter patent 0•32 rimfire revolver in it's original oak case with key and some accessories, it is in good working order and condition. Only £1,150 *

Manhattan pocket pistol.

* Manhattan 0•36 calibre percussion revolver with 5" barrel, good working order, only £850 *

Leech & Rigdon.

* Very nice 0•44 calibre percussion 6 shot revolver made by Leech & Rigdon, very good condition and working order, all matching numbers, only £2,500  *

R. Adams.

* Adams percussion revolver in good working order and condition with non original case and recruitments, only £1,200 *

Old Colt Mod 1847 Walker.



* Colt Walker, a period Belgian copy of this famed pistol, it is perfect in every way, very good condition and working order, this is for sale at a snip of only £4,000 which is a MEGA saving on an original which would cost over half a Million ! it may not be an original, but would fill a gap in your Colt collection. *

Clint Eastwood in Josey Wales, with a couple of Colt Walkers !

•50 calibre over and under.

* A rare and scarce and unusually large over and under percussion pistol, it has 4" hexagonal barrels of large •50 calibre, it's in good working order, the only drawback it the missing barrel locking catch in the trigger guard but it does not affect the working, I believe this to be a one off prototype. Only £750 *

Percussion pepper box.

* A six barrel cluster percussion pepper box with 3 1/2" barrels with a bar hammer action, it's in perfect working order and retaining approximate 80% finish. Only £850 *

Marlin number 32.

* A good "Marlin" No 32 Standard 1875 pocket revolver in •32 rimfire made C.1875-1887 approximate 19,500 made, it has a 3" tip up barrel, this has the long cylinder for the •32 long rimfire, it's in good working order and condition. Only £425 *

24 bore pistol.

* Belgian made side by side pistol in 14 Bore, this pistol is in great condition, retaining approx 95% nickel finish, it has also been nicely engraved, as you can see in the photos, only £750 *


* A good 6 1/2" •36 percussion revolver by Manhattan firearms Co, Newark, NJ. The revolver is of standard specification and has all matching numbers, it's also in good working order and condition. Only £850 *

Rare capping breech loading Pistol.

* A very rare Spanish made capping breech loading pistol by the well respected gun maker "Eusebio Zuloaga" it's a large bore (12 bore) manstopper which is in great working order and condition, this is perhaps a once in a lifetime opportunity too acquire this rare gun. Only £1,500 *

Note: Eusebio Zuloaga worked in the shop of his farther Blas Zuloaga armorer to the Guard De Corps. Journeyed to Paris, France, where he entered the shop of one of the LePages, thence to St Etienne to study methods in practice at the place.  He returned to Paris and then back to Madrid, arriving there in 1833. He exhibited pistols, guns and edged weapons at the international exhibition, London in 1851 and was active at Madrid until 1854

Perrin 12mm 'Civil War' era revolver.

* A scarce American civil war contract revolver, there were only 1000 off these imported, it's a Perrin 12 mm thick rim, the revolver is in good working order and condition, only £1,500 *

British Bulldog.

* 0•50 calibre British Bulldog revolver, very rare in this large calibre and with these grips, only £750 *

Hadley flintlock pistol.

* A scarce silver mounted (hallmarked 1757) gentleman's overcoat flintlock pistol by Hadley.  The 6 3/8" barrel with Gold vent, the Walnut full stock has a nice silver shield engraved with a coat of arms and the flintlock fitted with a sliding bolt to the cock (cock has been repaired) a scarce fully silver mounted pistol for only £3,500 *

Note: Henry Hadley son of Charles was noted for a series of silver mounted pistols with Spanish type barrels, two pairs are in the Royal collection, Windsor castle.

Moore's Patent.

* A Moore's Patent Firearms Co front loading revolver. C 1864 - 1870. This pistol tool a special 0•32 calibre "Teat Fire" cartridge which has long been obsolete. No licence is required to own this beautiful piece of history. This silver plated brass framed revolver was loaded from the front, and was a great way round the Rollin White's Patent, only £550 *

Springfield Pistol.

* A scarce "Springfield Arms Co" pocket revolver C 1863. approx 6,000 made. This revolver is in 0•30 calibre rim fire, no licence required, Note: the locking lever for the loading gate, only £475 *


* Here we have a really nice example of a Remington double deringer in a crisp original working order, and this model can be seen in many westerns made over the years, 95% nickel finish, very good grips, only £1500 *

Colt No3

* Colt No3 single shot deringer in the standard 0•41 calibre rimfire, Sect 58 (2) No Licence Needed, very good example and tight action, only £750 *

Percussion O/U officers pistol.

* A good large bore officers O/U percussion pistol, 7 1/2" barrels with side mounted ram rod, the top strap unusually long running down the length of the walnut stock which has a nice butt cap/trap for percussion caps, the gun in good working order, only £850  *

Pocket/Muff percussion pistols by "Fenton, London".

* A super pair of pocket/muff percussion pistols by "Fenton, London" these have a 2 1/2" turn off octagonal barrels, the bag shape grips are nice one piece Walnut with very fine checkering with a vacant escutcheon and nicely engraved German Silver butt caps, they are fitted in a nice modern case with assorted bits including a nice small copper flask with "Shell" decoration. Only £1,200  *

Remington vest pocket pistol.

* Remington vest pocket pistol in 0•41 rim fire. Circa 1865-1888, less than 15,000 made, and very hard to find one in such good condition as this, 4" barrel and nice walnut grips, only £850 *

Side by side percussion pistol.

* A double barreled side by side percussion pistol with drop down triggers and 3" turn off barrels, un-checkered bag shape grip with butt trap, only £350-00 *

Fox Studio's Southerner pistol.

* A scarce 0•41 calibre rim fire "Southerner" derringer with 2 7/16 th octagonal barrel. This pistol has the added interest of having "Fox Studios" stamped on the bottom of the barrel. This points to it being used as a prop gun in some of the many Western films made by the studio, a great pistol in very good condition, only £750-00 *

Smith & Wesson classic pistol.

* Smith & Wesson model 1 1/2 in 0•32 rim fire, tip up 3 1/2" barrel, the walnut grips are very good, with no splits or chips, a beautiful historical piece for the collector, only

7 shot revolver by James Reid.

* A very scarce 7 shot 0•32 calibre rim fire Model 2 single action revolver by James Reid. Antique Section 58 (2) classification, 5" tapered and fluted octagonal barrel, 9 3/4" overall length. Early production, serial number 764. These are the first revolvers to use a loading gate which swings back and up, with a built in recoil shield. This gun is devoid of markings as per book. Good working order with repair to hammer spur, only £550-00 *

* 0•30 Calibre rim fire over and under turn over barrel pistol. Scarce James Woodward Patent, nice checkered walnut grips, minor surface marks to finish, crisp working order, 2 7/8" barrels, 7" overall, only £550-00 *



 * C. S. Rrattuge, Hatfield Mass, Pat Nov 4th 1875, 0•32 calibre rim fire 5 shot revolver. This swing out cylinder gun is very rare, so rare, the bible we all live by


 * French palm pistol "Le Protector" 7 shot, 8mm, overall length 4 3/4". 1 3/4" half octagonal barrel, sliding safety catch, obsolete calibre status, no licence required, only

 * Single shot percussion boxlock muff pistol made by Westley Richards London circa 1850's in very crisp working order and condition, with drop down trigger, 1 3/4" octagonal barrel, overall length 5 3/4", finely checkered walnut bag shaped grip, approximately 0•40 calibre, only £650-00 *

Le Protector

 * French 10-Shot 6mm centre fire pistol, made in the late 19th Century, sprung palm operated, 1" barrel, only £1,200 *

Have you got one of these revolvers in your collection , if you have we would like to hear from you ?

~ Only 150 were ever made, but just how many have survived ? and are there any that are in such good condition  as this one ? 

~ Mick's Guns brings you one of the most scarce pistols in the world ~


 * Bacon Manufacturing company, swing out cylinder revolver. "Variant of First Type" only 150 made. Unique cylinder with removable knurled edge disc at rear fitted onto the extended cylinder ratchet. Believed to be an evasion of the Smith & Wesson patent. A scarce oppertunity to own a very rare gun, only £1,200 *


 * Superior quality and much sought after percussion over and under officers pistol by the famous J.Manton & Co London & Calcutta, •45 calibre, with original swivel round rod. Overall length 14", barrel length 7 1/2", butt trap, only £750-00 *

 * Prescott Patent Pocket Model, •32 Calibre, 6 shot rim fire revolver, Circa 1862-1867, with 11.6 cm re-blued octagonal sighted barrel, only £500-00 *

~ For more photo's of this extremely rare gun, simply click on the photo's below ~


Right hand side


 * French 8mm Gaulois 5 shot centre fire palm pistol, stamped Manufacture Francaise, Armes et Cycles, Saint Etienne. No 1930, late 19th century, only £1150-00 *


Please Remember

Obsolete calibre guns can be owned in the UK without a licence providing they are kept as a curio ornament in the home, if they are to be used, the relevant licence is required.

~ As per Home Office guidelines section 58 (2) ~



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