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Here at Mick's Guns we are often asked if we have replica guns to hire out for film and theatre work. We actually have quite a collection, and this collection will significantly increase when Operation Trident are forced to return all of Mick's possessions. You may remember seeing Mick's replica guns used by Operation Trident in their media fiasco, telling the British public they have taken real guns off the street, holding them in certain ways that hid the tell tale signs they were actually replicas and blank firing guns.

They did the same with Mick's Air Arms air rifle, three times in fact in front of the TV cameras, trying to show the media they had recovered a military assault rifle !

If Operation Trident would like to hire any of our replicas to further their campain of misleading the British public, we will be happy to enter into a hire contract with them at double the normal price !

Genuine film makers and dramatists need only apply ! Operation Trident can take a long walk off a short pier !


Webley short grip 0•38 calibre.

* Webley & Scott Ltd MK IV short grip revolver on 0•38, complete with its Certificate of Deactivation, Only £325 *

Deactivated hammer shotgun.

* A deactivated 12 bore side by side hammer shotgun, this gun has a super semi pistol grip walnut stock, with it's 'Certificate of Deactivation'. Only £225 *

Deactivated hammer shotgun.

* A deactivated 12 bore side by side hammer shotgun complete with it's 'Certificate of Deactivation'. Only £200 *

Deactivated hammer shotgun by Parkes.

* A deactivated 12 bore side by side hammer shotgun, with Jone's patent rotary underlever, made by Parkes, with it's 'Certificate of Deactivation'. Only £250 *

Webley 0•38.

* A nice  •38 Webley MK4 revolver, in great condition with it's 'Certificate of Deactivation'. Only £350 *

Certus •450-400 big game rifle.

* A rare opportunity to own a scarce "Certus" big game rifle in •450-400. The gun has been deactivated, prior to the section 58 (2) classification.  The 26" tapering round Damascus barrel with 3 leaf express sight is engraved "Cogswell & Harrison Ltd, 141, New Bond St, & 226, Strand, London" The bolt has nice engraving and the stock has a steel chequered butt plate, it would be well worth re-barrelling or lining. Only £650 *


* A good all metal replica of the Smith & Wesson "Schofield", with wooden grips, you don't see many of these unlike the Colt 45 ! only £75  *

Colt Bisley.

* A rare opportunity to buy-own an as new unfired A Uberti made "Colt Bisley" it has a 7 1/2" barrel and is a fantastic copy of the original, in it's box with it's "Certificate of Deactivation", Only £550 *

Colt sheriff's / store keeper.

* A scarce one for the Western re-enactor-collector, this is another as new unfired revolver by Uberti "Colt sheriff's store keeper's" model, it has a 3" barrel it's in it's box and comes with it's "Certificate of Deactivation", Only £450  *

Remington model 1875.

* An as new unfired "Remington model 1875" made by the Italian genius Aldo Uberti's company (A. Uberti, S.r.l. situated in the famous village of Gardone Val Trompia in the Italian Alps), this is another great gun for the re-enactor-collector with it's "Certificate of Deactivation", Only £450 *

Smith & Wesson Model 10.

* One for the frustrated hand gun owners of the past, or the legitimate gun owners that were deprived of their pride and joy, this will bring back fond memories. A Smith & Wesson Model 10 in 0•38 special, with a 4" barrel, this is a smooth double action revolver with a very nice single action trigger. The gun retains approx 90% of its original finish, with original checkered walnut grips with Smith & Wesson emblems inset. Complete with its Certificate of Deactivation, only £295 *

Ruger Mini 14.

* A scarce S. Ruger Mini 14 " Ranch Rifle" Semi-Auto carbine, deactivated so no licence required, complete with its Certificate of Deactivation, of course ! Only £450 *

0•410 Deactivated shotgun.

* Scarce and interesting deactivated 0•410 bolt action shotgun, complete with its Certificate of Deactivation, only £175

Deactivated 12 Bore.

* Interesting deactivated 12 bore bolt action shotgun, complete with its Certificate of Deactivation, only £175 *

Deactivated "Drilling" by Heinrich Munch of Archen.

* A scarce deactivated German "Drilling" (16 gauge side by side shotgun, with rifle barrel underneath) made by Heinrich Munch of Archen, 27 3/16" barrels, 14" pull and an overall length of 43 1/2", complete with its Certification of Deactivation, this is a great one for the collector, only £300  *

Damascus 12 bore.

* A deactivated 12 bore side by side hammer action shotgun by an unknown maker, fitted with 30 1/8" Damascus barrels and a 14 1/8" pull, overall length is 47", complete with its Certificate of Deactivation, only £225 *

Deactivated side by side shotgun.

* A plain de-acted 12 bore side by side hammer shotgun with 30" barrels and walnut stock with a semi-pistol grip and 14 1/4" pull, only £250 *

Glock/Gap 8mm.

* Blank firing Gap pistol made in the style of the famous Glock. Detachable magazine for 8mm blanks, with its original a.b.s. case, only £250 *

Deactivated Walther 0•32.

* Walther patent deactivated  0•32 calibre semi automatic pistol with holster, 6" overall length, £300 *

9mm gun by Bruni.

* Blank Firing single action 9mm gun by Bruni, Brand new in box, 5 1/2" barrel, £225 *

Rare Deactivated Hammer Shotgun.

* Very rare deactivated British made 12 bore side by side hammer shotgun, address on the rib is faint, 30" Damascus barrels, 47" overall length, completely deactivated and legal to own, only £200 *


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