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8 bore single barrel shotgun.

* A very good 8 bore single barrel shotgun by "G. E. Lewis", the gun has a 36" browned Damascus twist barrel which is choke bored and engraved with "G E Lewis, choke bore, Lower Loveday St, Birmingham, No 6926" which is fitted to a pistol grip walnut stock making it 53" overall in length, the back action lock hammer lock is finely engraved with ducks taking off from a marsh setting with some scroll engraving the whole in good overall condition and working order plus a good bore, these have been going up in value and harder to find, no licence required, Only £2,250 *

Edward Whistler.

* A super quality vintage hammer shotgun with 30" Damascus twist barrels with the rib engraved "E. Whistler. 11 Strand. London." and has been proofed for nitro cartridges, the patent action finely engraved and with makers name, the super walnut stock with straight hand and 14 1/4" pull including butt plate, the gun is in great working order and overall condition, a joy to own and shoot and would enhance any gun collection. Only £1,100 *

R. Wallis.

* A good vintage 12 bore hammer shotgun for the shooter or collector of vintage guns by R. Wallis, this gun has 32" browned Damascus barrels with minor pits to the bore and has been nitro proofed for 1 1/8 ozs. The rib engraved "R. Wallis. 3 Waterloo bridge road, London" it has a tight action fitted to a semi pistol grip stock with a pull of 14 1/4"including horn butt plate, the engraved action with the maker name in a banner. Only £750 *

 Thomas Bland 20 bore.

* A scarce 20 bore side by side shotgun by Thomas Bland, this gun is a rare Walsh patent, the 29 3/4" Damascus nitro proof barrels with nice twist and concave rib engraved "The Field Hammerless" and with the address "Thomas Bland & Sons, 106, Strand, London" the action Is a rare top lift lever which activates a rising locking bolt, the straight grain Walnut stock has an unusual crescent horn butt plate and a captive fore-end, the action is tight and has good bores to the barrels, the one bad point is the missing safety lever. Only £1,500  *

J.T. Dickens.

* A good vintage 12 bore "British" hammer shotgun, it has a pair of 30" N/P barrels with a dolls head extension and a tight action, the rib is engraved "J T Dickins, Northampton", it has a plain straight grain to it's Walnut stock with a pull of 14 1/4" a nice honest gun which will give years of good service, only £350 *

Phillip B Corin.

* A very interesting and scarce 12 bore side by side hammer shotgun which started life as a percussion muzzle loading gun way back in 1835. As dated by the hallmarked solid silver butt plate, trigger guard and forend tip. It was then converted by Philip B Corin of Penzance, as this is what is engraved on the rib, this might have been done in 1882, as there is a presentation inscription on the butt plate "Presented by F.S. & H.R.W. Bentley Innes to John Bremner 1882". The gun gun has been fitted with 30" barrels, the original birds eye maple stock has a 14 1/4" pull. The action has a lot of original colour case hardening, and is engraved with game scenes, as are the hammers and trigger guard. The gun has been nitro proofed, and has a repaired crack to the front right hand side of the stock, and so is only £950 *

Lang's Patent 16 Bore.

* A rare Lang's Patent 16 Bore side by side shotgun with 28" Damascus barrels, with solid raised rib marked " Joseph Lang & Sons, 88 Wigmore Street, London". The action has a side lever linked to a 'Jones Rotary Locking Bolt'. The walnut stock is nicely figured, it has heal & toe plates and a pull of 14 1/4", only £1500-00 *

Remington rolling block.

* Rare Belgium made side by side on the Remington rolling block action, only £1200-00 *

Parkerfield & Son.

* Good English side by side 16 bore hammer gun with 28" barrels made by Parkerfield & Son Circa 1865, non rebounding hammers, cross bolt forend, wide engraved trigger guard, very unusual wood, only £850 *

I. Hollis 12 bore wildfowler.

* A scarce good single barrel 12 bore wildfowling shotgun by I. Hollis & Sons. It has a 32" barrel and is nitro proofed for 3" 1 1/2 oz loads. The action is tight and has a nice semi-pistol grip, only £250 *

Birmingham made 10 Bore x 3"

* Birmingham made 10 Bore x 3" chambered shotgun, barrel length 35 1/4", trigger pull 14 3/8", stock 14 1/8", recent nitro proof mark, only £550-00 *

Single Barrel hammer gun.


* Single Barrel 12 bore hammer gun, with unique side lever opening, 32" barrel, only £150-00 *

Jacob Rupertus.


* Jacob Rupertus ( Philadelphia ) Circa 1870, single barrel shotgun, barrel pivots for loading and primary extraction, only one I have ever seen ! not mentioned in any books, a very rare collectable gun, only £800-00 *

~ Some of Mick Shepherd's single barrel hammer guns ~

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16-bore by Samuel Marson

16-bore by J. Anderson

16-bore by W. Griffiths


~ Sold ~

Unknown maker, ask Mick for details 

12 bore Cogswell & Harrison, called the "Certus" see more details on the gun below

12 bore by J. Anderson, 31 1/8" barrel, only £200-00


~ Sold ~

16 bore by W.Griffiths, 30 1/4" barrel, only £150-00

12 bore by William Sopers, maker of the famous Soper breech loading rifle ! 31 1/2" barrel, only £350-00


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