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Cogswell & Harrison double rifle.

* A good •450 x 3 1/4" double barrel big game rifle by the famous London gunmaker "Cogswell and Harrison" the gun is in good working order and condition. Only £3,000 *

Army & Navy double hammer rifle.

* A good •500 hammer double rifle by "Army and Navy" it has 28" barrels with file cut rib, a dolls head extension and folding leaf sights. The pistol grip Walnut stock has a 14 1/2" pull and cheek piece with a steel butt plate, it has a period repair to the toe of the stock which can be seen in the photo's, its in good working order. Only £2,500 *

Double rifle by N. Delany.

* A great side by side percussion double rifle by "N Delany" it has 31 1/2" steel barrels fitted to a super Walnut stock with a cheek piece with a pull of 13 1/2" inc the steel butt plate, it has a nice game scene engraved lock's, the gun is in great overall condition (except for the replacement trigger guard) Only £1,200 *

Thomas Boss double rifle.

* A rare good quality and early 14 bore percussion double rifle by THE finest London gunmaker "Thomas Boss" it has re-finished 30" barrels mounted with a four leaf express sight, fabulous bore and is a very scarce gun. More details can be found in the photos below, only £8,500 *

Further Information on this fantastic gun can be found in the excellent book written by the famous Donald Dallas called "Boss & Co: Builders of Best Guns Only" This is a book that we 100 % recommend, the ISBN number to purchase Mr Dallas's book is 1-899163-05-0

 ~ Books by the esteemed writer Donald Dallas can be purchased on line from Amazon ~

Click Here: www.amazon.co.uk/Donald-Dallas

Cased "Joseph Lang" •577-400.

* This Scarce •577-500 double rifle by the well respected British gun maker "Joseph Lang" it has 27" barrels with very good bores, the pistol grip stock has a 14 5/8" pull, brass cornered leather case with all good stitching and replacement straps, complete with manufacturers letter, only £5,500 *

Army & Navy B.P. Express.

* 450 x 3 1/4 B.P. Express double rifle, made by Army & Navy CSL London (Webley & Scott), Boxlock non ejector with 25 7/8" barrels, 3 leaf express sights, file cut rib, 14 3/8" pull, good shootable bores, a good honest double rifle for only £3,250 *

Westley Richards B.P. Express.


* 360 x 2 1/4 B.P. Express double rifle by Westley Richards, featuring their patent action & crab claw jointed forend, 28" barrels, 14 3/8" pull. A sweet little double rifle in this scarce and hard to find calibre, only £6,000 *

Charles Lancaster.

* Beautiful Charles Lancaster 450 x 3 1/4" smooth oval bore double rifle, with Lancaster's patented slide and drop down barrel, wonderful engraving as you can see in the photos, the whole gun refinished to a very high standard, this is a very rare opportunity to own a gun that will appreciate in value every year, only £7,500-00 *

Double barrel hammerless ejector rifle.



* Double barrel hammerless boxlock ejector rifle made in Belgium. This beautiful rifle has a 15" stock, 24 1/4" barrels in Calibre •405 Winchester. It has an articulated front trigger, figured stock in swans neck form, beautiful bores, weighs only 7lb 12oz and is nitro proofed, only £2,300-00 *

Rare dropping block double rifle.

Section 58 (2) No Licence Required in the U.K. !

* Rare dropping block double rifle in calibre 11.1, Austrian proof mark, very good bore, much better than the photo shows, only £3,300-00 *

Mick's Guns brings you photos and video of the hammer less side lock ejector 500/450 B.P. express double rifle.


Section 58 (2) No Licence Required in the U.K. !

 * 500/450 B.P. Express side lock ejector double rifle made by R.B. Rodda & Co London and Calcutta. The bores are MINT ! 28" barrels, open sights for 100, 200 & 300 yards. Treble grip action incorporating both Deeley 1884 patent ejector system No 14526 and T. Perks 1886 patent ejector system No 10679. Manual safety, crystal cocking indicators, 15" pull, weighs 9lb 6oz, only £6,500-00 *



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