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Please Note: Pending renewal of my licence, all sales of Section 2 Shotguns are suspended until further notice.


The Cogswell & Harrison CERTUS.

* Recorded by the makers as sold to Curtis & Harvey for the testing of powders. Very unusual action as the bolt runs on a track, 30 " barrel, only £750-00 *

Certus Update.

Micks Guns are pleased to announce that we are in the process of updating the photos of these very rare guns on behalf of a special customer:

On top is the original Certus, and below if the latest one into the collection. The Certus rook will also be re-photographed.


These two photographs taken by special request, more to follow.

F.S. Cox patent.

* A scarce "F S Cox patent" 12 bore 32" single barrel shotgun, this was the FIRST patent (26,088 of 1907) for a full size British machine made gun, a great collector gun and useable, only £175 *

Winchester model 1897 take down.

* A classic 12 bore pump action shotgun by Winchester model 1897 "Take Down Model" in super condition, it has a 26" barrel and a nice semi-pistol grip walnut stock, only £1100 *

Winchester model 1893.

* A very scarce 12 bore pump action shotgun by Winchester model 1893 it has a 30" barrel, it also has a nice walnut semi-pistol grip stock with nice original checkering to the grip with a 13" pull, this gun is in great working order and condition (Ser No .9388 made in 1895) only £1,750 *

Winchester SX3.

* Winchester SX3 semi automatic 12 bore shotgun. Section 2 restricted to 3 shots. Test fired only, 30" Invector-Plus choked barrel, this gun will chamber 2 3/4", 3" and 3 1/2" cartridges. In its original box with all accessories including the chokes, shims and stock extensions, only £750 *

Winchester Model 1887 12 bore Section 1 (Multi shot).

* Rare Winchester model 1887 12 gauge lever action shotgun, with Victorian black powder proof marks, classified here in the U.K. as a Section 1 shotgun because of its multi shot capability, only £850 *

Flodman 2-shot pump action shotgun.

* Another scarce 2 shot (made as a 2 shot) pump action shotgun by "Flodman". Made in Sweden in the late 70's-early 80's these were very expensive and had a limited production. This gun is in a super condition and would made a great addition to any shotgun collection, only £650 *

Mossberg 600AT's.

* Here at two guns for the practical shotgun shooters or rough shooters / wild fowlers. 12 bore Mossberg model 600AT pump action multi-shot shotguns. The guns are in a new and unused condition, one has a 26" barrel, and the other a 28" Barrel. Both have the variable choke system called Poly Choke. Both guns can handle up to 3" Magnum loads, they are 5+1 (5 in the magazine and one in the chamber) and so are both Section 1, Only £300 each *

Beretta 20 bore.

*Beretta AL390 20 bore semi-automatic 3-shot shotgun, complete with Beretta chokes, 2 x Briley extended ported chokes, choke key, stock casting shims and safety flag, in very good condition, this gun would ideally suit a lady or junior shooter, only £550 *

Walther Automats.

* Walther Automat semi automatic shotguns, based on the Lugar toggle action, these guns are quite rare, you might not find another one, let alone a pair for sale anywhere in the world today, only £850 each *

Escort Magnum.

* 12 bore Escort Magnum semi auto shotgun, with 28" multi choke barrel, overall length 48 1/8" the gun fitted with synthetic all weather stock, this gun is proofed for cartridges up to 3 1/2" magnum, and is in a very good overall condition, only £275 *

Remington 11-87 Left Handed.

* Remington model 11-87 semi auto 12 bore shotgun, left handed version, with 28" multi choke barrel, in very good overall condition with the exception of having the fore end repaired as can be seen in the photograph, only £400 *

Remington Tournament grade skeet gun.

* Remington 1100 semi auto 12 gauge shotgun, Tournament Skeet grade, only £450 *

Customised Remington.

The Famous Pink Peril.

* Remington 1100 semi auto 3 shot 12 gauge shotgun, pistol grip stock, Cutts compensator with spreader choke tube making this an ideal skeet gun that turns everyone's heads ! this gun is a "One Off" customised paint job, very good condition, only £450 *

Winchester Model 1400.

* Winchester Model 1400 12 gauge 3-shot semi auto, with a 30" barrel fitted with a Hushpower moderator, overall length is 52", good condition and works well, only £450 *

G. E. Lewis.



* Beautifully game scene engraved Rook rifle that has been bored out to •410, made by the prestigious maker G. E. Lewis, £750 *

Remington 11-87.

 * Remington Premier Model 11-87 semi automatic 12 gauge shotgun with 28" multi choke barrel, rubber recoil pad, good overall condition, only £550 *

The Winchester 1887

There are many famous shotguns to collect, but right up there with the best is Winchester's 1887 lever action shotgun. I know most of us know the story of how it came about, but the story is just as interesting to read again.


These Guns are some of Mick's Winchester 1887 collection. The 1887 is really something quite special, its unique lever action 6 shot shotgun takes some beating not only as a reliable firearm, but for its interest value. This gun really does have some interesting history. In the early 1880's Winchester asked  John Moses Browning to design for them a 12 bore shotgun, but it had to look like a Winchester, so this he skillfully did. The result is this fantastic and distinctively looking Winchester lever action shotgun. It takes 4 cartridges in the pipe, one in the barrel and an extra one laying inside the mechanism totalling six. Built in 1888, they are still as good today as when they were made.

Now after J.M.Browning sold the guns patent to Winchester in the early 1800's he set off on a two year mission across America as a member of the Mormon Church. About two months into his mission, he and a fellow Mormon came upon a gun shop in Georgia, and there they saw his now manufactured gun on display in the window. They entered and John asked to handle the gun, he operated the action with ease and to the gunsmith's surprise. When asked by the gunsmith how on earth he knew how to operate this brand new design of gun never seen before, his colleague proudly answered " He designed it " with this the gun smith quickly took back the gun and wanted them to leave the shop. It seems he didn't believe or trust these seemingly strange Mormon evangelists !

This gun has been made even more famous by Bonnie Parker of the infamous duo Bonnie & Clyde, and later by Arnie Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2. Both guns were cut down versions of what you see here, and unlike Arnie in T2, Bonnie really did shoot some people with hers.

 ~ Collect a piece of real history and get yourself an 1887 ~

E Mail Mick's Guns

We have many shotguns for sale, starting at £25 and going upwards. Often we are asked which shotguns can be purchased for only £25 each...

Our Single Barrel shotguns shown in the photo above, start at only £25 and are just ideal for the working man.

Mick can be contacted by e mail or phone, and you can meet Mick in person at Dartford Clay Shooting Club on Friday afternoons and Sunday Mornings, here you will be able to 'try before your buy' a sporting shotgun from him.

Ithica Model 37 pump action shotgun.

~ 1st year production model ~

~ $1000-00 Dollar model with fully engraved Gold game scene inlay to both sides ~

~ $1000 was a lot of money in 1937 ~



~ Variable choke, rosewood inlay to stock ~

~ Three colours of Gold, can be seen much more clearly than the photo shows ~


~ good quality wood all round, nice comfortable cheek piece to stock ~

~ Beautifully engraved barrel ~

~ 10 years ago, this gun was valued in the "Blue Book" for 6,000 ~

 * It can be yours for only, £5,500 *

Franchi SPA.


* Franchi Model SPA pump action ( Section 1 ) 8-Shot practical shotgun, vented barrel shroud, only £550 *

Customised Remington 1100's.

Remington 1100 28 bore semi automatic shotgun  ( above )

Also a Remington 1100 .410 semi automatic shotgun  ( below )

* Both Remington's have customised quality walnut stocks and fore ends that are finished to a very high standard, with Cutts compensators and fore end weights for balance, only £750 each *

Remington 1100 •410 Skeet.


* Remington 1100 .410 Skeet, 3" Magnum, 25 1/2" barrel, as new, only £650 *

Remington Model 1100 28 bore.

* Remington Model 1100 28 bore semi automatic shotgun with 25" barrel, light weight version, complete with box, only £650 *

Marlin Model 1898.

* Marlin Model 1898 pump/slide 12 bore shotgun, magazine restricted, so this lovely gun would go on your shotgun certificate in the UK.  28" barrel, reblued, only £450 *

Benelli 20 bore.

* Benelli Model 201, 3-shot 20 bore shotgun with a 25 1/2 inch barrel, only £650 *

Remington Wingmaster.

* Remington Wingmaster 3-shot pump action 12 bore shotgun, nice wood, only £350 *

Remington 1187.

* Remington 1187, sporting clays model, ported barrel and multichoke, only £650 *



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