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Mick can be contacted by e mail or phone, and you can meet Mick in person at Dartford Clay Shooting Club on Friday afternoons and Sunday Mornings, here you will be able to 'try before your buy' a sporting shotgun from him.


Joseph Lang 12/20.

* A scarce gun formally in the Atkin, Grant and Lancaster collection, It's a rare "Phillip's patent Venia Contractor" it is a 12 bore boxlock non-ejector by Joseph Lang & Son, 10 Pal Mall, London, what makes this gun rare is the 30" barrels which is chambered for the 12 bore cartridge but the tubes are 20 bore, please note "you cannot use plastic wads in this gun, you can only use fibre wad cartridges. The idea of this gun was to create a better balanced gun but due to the slightly increased recoil it never caught on and most that were built were re-barrelled with standard 12 bore tubes, hence only a few original ones are left. Only £1,500 *

0•410 Boxlock Ejector.


* A very nice •410 side by side boxlock "EJECTOR" shotgun. It has 27" barrels and it's overall length is 43 1/2". This is a Belgium made gun in the English style it has minor pits to the bore and small spots to the barrel blueing surface, other than that it’s in great condition and working order, only £750 *

0•410 side by side folding shotgun.

* One for the pot hunter or budding poacher (joke) a Belgium made side by side folding hammer shotgun, it has 27 1/2" barrels and 43" o/a . The action retaining all it’s case hardening and has nice boarder engraving, it’s in very nice condition and working order, Only £350 *

Cased pair of Charles Lancaster shotguns.

* Extremely rare and highly desirable pair of 12 bore shotguns by one of the most prestigious and famous top quality London gun makers, Charles Lancaster ! Cased in a wonderfully made oak leather case, with tremendous attention to the detail in the lock and brass corner protection pieces. Highly figured walnut stocks with leather covered recoil pads, measuring pulls of 15 1/4" each. Beautiful scroll engraved actions, trigger guards and forend releases. A pair of stunning game guns, one with 30" Damascus barrels choked 1/2 and 1/4, the other with replacement 28" barrels by the maker, choked improved cylinder and 1/4. they weigh approximately 6lb 12oz each and are nitro proofed, only £9,995-00 *

* Please note: These beautiful shotguns are being advertised on our web site for a shooting colleague, if you wanted to view them, we would need a couple of days notice to obtain them, or phone directly 0044 7974 566602.

Carlton Patent Hammerless.

* 12 Bore side by side shotgun built on Tranters Patent of 1882 No 1881. Although not marked on the bottom "box", this is a "Carlton Patent Hammerless". 30 1/8" Damascus barrels, 13 7/8" pull, the overall length is 46 1/2". It has a well figured stock as can bee seen in the photographs. The gun has also been nitro proofed, only £1500-00 *

B.S.A. 12 Bore.

* 12 Bore side by side shotgun by B.S.A. 27 " barrels, overall length 43 7/8", good bores, tight action with minor staining to barrels, choked 3/4 and full, a good vintage English gun at an affordable price, only £180-00 *

The Aylestone Gun.

* 12 Bore side by side non ejector shotgun by the famous Spanish gun maker Sarriugarti, called 'The Aylestone Gun'. with 27" barrels, choked full and 3/4, overall length is 45 3/4" including the rubber pad, this is a good tight gun for everyday use, only £150-00 *

12 bore side by side shotgun by BRNO, Monte Carlo Model, double trigger boxlock ejector, 28 1/8" barrels with raised solid rib, semi pistol grip, side mounted cocking indicators, 15" pull, only £300-00


Spanish 10 bore S/S D/T shotgun with 32" Barrels, choked 1/3 & 3/4, only £700-00

Belgian 12 bore boxlock non ejector, double trigger, 29 1/2" barrels, not finished to the same standard as the Boss & Co you see pictured above, but a Belgian shotgun at a bargain price of only £100-00

~  This is really nice and different ~

Classic Doubles S/S single selective trigger, full ventilated rib, 26" multi choke barrels, 14 1/2" pull, beaver tail with Fleur-de-Lis checkering, only £750-00


12 bore S/S B/L/E with 25" barrels & Churchill game rib, good condition, only £225-00



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