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 Please Note: Pending renewal of my licence, all sales of Section 2 Shotguns are suspended until further notice.


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Western Spurs A.

* A nice pair of western spurs, steel with silver overlay showing a grapevine pattern one side, and silver stripes on the other, nice embossed period leather straps, Only £425 *

Western Spurs B

* Another nice pair of western spurs, steel with silver overlay showing a grapevine pattern one side, and silver stripes on the other, nice period leather straps, Only £400 *

Western Spurs C

* A very unusual pair of western spurs that are complete with very nice embossed leather boot protectors, with silver trim and silver buckles, only £650 *

Box Spurs.

* A pair of Cavalry box spurs, conveniently marked left and right to avoid getting them on the wrong boot, Only £50 *

Native American Tomahawk.

* Native American tomahawk, only £350 *

•50-70 Springfield carbine.

* A scarce •50-70 Springfield carbine, it has a 22" barrel with a great bore, the top of the lock marked 1866 with an Eagle head under and the lock and trigger guard, all with matching numbers 2210. The gun has been restocked and Indian decorated, this gun is in good working order and condition and would make a great shooter if put on your FAC. Only £1,500 *

Remington rolling block carbine.

* A nice Remington rolling block carbine in •44-77 a great gun for only £950 *

12 Gauge Sect 1 Winchester model 1887.

* 12 bore lever action shotgun by Winchester model 1887 (Ser No 17578, made in 1888) 30" barrel, very nice condition, very good working order, only £975 *

Winchester Model 1887 12 bore Section 1 (Multi shot).

* Rare Winchester model 1887 12 gauge lever action shotgun, with Victorian black powder proof marks, classified here in the U.K. as a Section 1 shotgun because of its multi shot capability, only £850 *

Dayle Lymoine Robertson (July 14, 1923 – February 27, 2013) 

~ Missed by western fans of a certain age ~

Quality collectible plates.

* Six very nice decorative plates with native American subject, these plates were issued by the "Franklin Mint", these had a limited production run and are in very good/mint

* Please Note: these plates are highly detailed, bright and very colourful, they look much better than my photos actually show, Richard. *

Roy Rogers.

* This lot is one for those of a certain age who will remember the days of Saturday morning pictures and the westerns when the bad guys wore black and the good ones wore

An original "Tom Horn" poster.

* An original "Tom Horn" poster taken from Pinewood Studios,  stuck on hardboard 39"x 27 1/2" this is now 32 years old and a great decorator-conversation piece, only

Leather tooled belt with 24 cartridge loops.

* A great leather tooled belt with 24 cartridge loops it's 2 3/4" wide and 48 3/4" overall, to fit 45 1/4"-39" waist, only £95 *

Western Rig A.

* Western Rig A, to fit waist approx 40" to 46",  width approx 3 1/4", only £160 *

Western Rig B.

* Western Rig B, to fit waist approx 38" to 45",  width approx 2 3/8", only £150 *

Western Rig C.

* Western Rig C, to fit waist approx 42 1/2" to 47 1/2",  width approx 2 1/2", only £155 *

Western Rig D.

* Western Rig D, to fit waist approx 40 1/2" to 48 1/4",  width approx 2 1/2", only £165 *

Western Rig E.

* Western Rig E, to fit waist approx 40" to 48 1/2",  width approx 2 3/4", only £165 *

Western Rig F.

* Western Rig F, to fit waist approx 38 1/2" to 46",  width approx 2 5/8", only £150 *

Western Belt G.

* Western Belt G, to fit waist approx 30 1/2" to 34",  width approx 2 1/2", only £75 *

Colt Bisley.

* A rare opportunity to buy-own an as new unfired A Uberti made "Colt Bisley" it has a 7 1/2" barrel and is a fantastic copy of the original, in it's box with it's "Certificate

Colt sheriff's / store keeper.

* A scarce one for the Western re-enactor-collector, this is another as new unfired revolver by Uberti "Colt sheriff's store keeper's" model, it has a 3" barrel it's in it's box and comes with it's "Certificate of Deactivation", Only £450  *

Indian water colour painting.

* This is a very nice large framed water colour painting, 32 3/4"x 29" o/a picture size 27"x 23 1/2"only £325 *

Iron Eyes Cody.

* Framed poster featuring "Iron Eyes Cody" believed to be the only poster of him in the U.K. This poster has an added genuine eagle feather to enhance it, complete in frame,



South American spurs, with 5 inch rails, £350

Mexican spurs, £250


South American Gaucho spurs, late 19th Century, £300


Mexican spurs with silver overlay, £300

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Starr Holster.

* Custom made holster for a Star percussion revolver, only £50-00 *

Miniature fast draw rig.

* A fantastic quality hand made leather miniature fast draw Hollywood style rig with a scaled Colt •45 single action revolver and cartridges, Only £150 *



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