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Joseph Lang 28 bore.

* A scarce and super little 28 bore side by side boxlock n/e shotgun by one of the great London gun makers "Joseph Lang & Son". Built for a lady or youth, it has 27 3/4" barrels engraved on the rib "Joseph Lang & Son, 102, New Bond St, London" (c1895-1898) it has a Walnut stock with a pull of 13 1/4", the boxlock action is nicely engraved and has "Joseph Lang & Son" in a banner, not many guns were built in 28 bore by this maker. Only £1,350 *

P. Webley.

* A fantastic P. Webley & Son British bulldog in •32 rimfire, name and address is marked on the top "P.Webley & Son St James's London". The revolver is in great working order and condition. A very interesting and historical antique, Section 58 (2) No licence required, only £1,250 *


* Butt plate to fit the Browning Double Automatic, fantastic condition, only £25 *


* Vintage clay thrower by Mitchell *

410 Extractor tool.

* Very rare 0•410 shotgun cartridge extractor tool, only £75 *

Game dispatcher.

* Extremely rare game dispatcher, only £275 *

Butterfly turnscrew.

* Butterfly turnscrew set, only £100 *

Glass oil bottle.

* Glass oil bottle, only £95 *

Nickel oil bottle.

* Nickel oil bottle, only £85 *

Vintage pull through.

* 12 gauge vintage pull through made by James Dixon & Sons, it has a small oil bottle and applicator used as the weight, complete with pig skin buckled case/bag, only £60 *

Vintage pull through.

* Vintage 12 gauge pull through with brush and detachable jag, complete with leather case/bag, only £45 *

Ivory striker pot.


* Ivory striker pot, only £80 *

Sykes Patent.

* Sykes Patenet powder and shot tube, only £75 *

Multi gauge.

* A very nice multi gauge extractor tool, only £50 *

William Stein, New Jersey.

* Very rare and most unusual, Vintage air rifle by William Stein of New Jersey, more details to follow. *

Smith & Wesson 0•44 Russian double action with FACTORY LETTER.

* Smith & Wesson double action revolver in the calibre 0•44 Russian. Manufactured in 1891. Complete with the Smith & Wesson factory letter confirming the calibre and date of shipping to the customer. As you can see from the photographs the, chamber shoulders are perfectly intact and original. The chamber measures 1 7/16 which is correct for a Russian. The barrel has a slight bulge towards the front sight, this is of no consequence as this antique will be sold to a collector only, directly under the guidance of Section 58 (2) of the firearms act, and must never be fired, just treasured as part of a collection, only £2,250 ono *

Smith & Wesson 0•44 Russian single action.

* Beautiful Smith & Wesson single action revolver in the calibre 0•44 Russian. Manufactured in the 1880's. This collectible antique has had the barrel shortened for fast draw, and has been re-blued. As you can see from the photographs, the chamber shoulders are perfectly intact and original and the bore is great. The chamber measures 1 7/16 which is correct for a Russian.  This antique is classified under Section 58 (2) of the firearms act, and must never be fired, No licence is required, on sale to a collector, only £1,500 ono*

Perrin 12mm 'Civil War' era revolver.

* A scarce American civil war contract revolver, there were only 1000 off these imported, it's a Perrin 12 mm thick rim, the revolver is in good working order and condition, only £1,500 *

12 Bore Navy Arms.

* Navy Arms 12 Gauge shotgun, as described above, in fantastic condition and working order, a huge saving on the new price at only £325 *


* One for the M/L clay shooter, a great 12 bore s/b percussion shotgun with a 32 1/2" barrel and 48 1/2" o/a. It has a two stage browned barrel fixed to a walnut half stock, the nice colour hardened lock marked "Mortimer" it has it's brass mounted ramrod and is in very good working order and condition. Only £350 a great saving on its new price of over £800 *

Winchester Carbine Special in 32-40.

* A great Winchester saddle ring carbine in the much sort after •32-40 made in 1928, this is a scarce model with the barrel being made of nickel steel which is so marked on the barrel, this is a classic "cowboy" gun and in good working order and condition and only £1,750 *

Remington rolling block carbine.

* A nice Remington rolling block carbine in •44-77 a great gun for only £950 *

Remington 0•41 O/U.

* A classic Remington o/u derringer in •41 rimfire. This pistol is one of best I have seen, the bore and nickel finish has to be seen to be appreciated, a truly super pistol and only £1,200 *

Crosman Military 45.

* A rare Crosman "Military 45 auto" in 0•22 calibre. This model was only made for one year, only £350 *

Crosman 600.

* A very good Crosman model 600 Co2 semi-auto pistol, in near mint condition, only £325 *

RIC 0•442.

* A super P. Webley & Son British bulldog in •442 with very interesting markings for the RIC and used in the prison service, the revolver is in great working order and condition. A very interesting and historical antique, no licence required, only £1,500 *

Webley & Scott 0•320.

* A great Webley & Scott revolver in 0•320 calibre, marked with the retailers details on the top strap "G. C. Cooper, 131, High Holborn, London" it's double and single action in good working order, no licence required, only £1,200  *

R. Hughes muzzleloader.

* Original muzzle loading shotgun by R. Hughes, good condition and working order, only £375 *


Many more to follow ...........


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