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E. M. Reilly & Co Maharaja Gold Presentation.

* A really super presentation gun built for a Maharajah or eastern nobility, this was made by the well respected London gun maker "E. M. Reilly" ALL the metal parts have been gilded, it has 32" fluted barrels and a beautiful Walnut stock, the gun is housed in one of the most beautiful cases that I have ever seen. This is a true investment piece or just a joy to own. Only £10,750 *

James Purdey 12 bore.

* A good scarce 12 bore double barrel percussion shotgun by the world famous and well respected gun maker "James Purdey" this gun has been professionally re-finished, it has 29 1/8" browned Damascus barrels with "J Purdey, 514 1/4 Oxford street, London" engraved on the rib and a replacement ramrod fitted to it, the well figured stock has a pull of 14" and chequered grip. Only £2,250 *

Spencer repeating carbine.

* A good civil war carbine "Spencer repeater" this one being made by the Burnside rifle company of Providence, Rhode Island. This carbine is fitted with the scarce "Stabler" cut off it has a good bore and is in great working order and good condition. Only £1,750 *

Percussion poachers shotgun.

* A great gun for the curio collector or budding poacher ? this unusual cased gun is in 14 bore, Circa 1855 and takes down into three sections, the action with it's folding skeleton iron stock, the for end with 14" multifaceted barrel and then a 14 3/4" round section of barrel which screws onto the other section, it's all housed in it's pour pus made period case with accessories. Only £1,250 *

Edward Lang.

* A scarce 12 bore sidelock ejector shotgun by "Edward Lang", this is a scarce gun because guns of this quality just don't get deactivated, it was also number 2 off a pair, the Walnut stock is of superb quality, it's complete with it's COD. Only £650 *

Marlin Model 1893.

* A super model 1893 Marlin lever action rifle in the much sought after •32-40 calibre, it has a 26" round barrel with a full length magazine tube, this rifle is in fantastic original full colour case hardened finish to action, the gun having had very little use. Only £3,500 *

Marlin Model 1881.

* A good model 1881 Marlin lever action rifle in •40-60 made between 1881-1892 this has a full octagonal barrel with a full length magazine tube under, it's in good working order and condition, a great gun for the cowboy re-enactor or collector. Only £1,500 *

Charles Lancaster 14 Bore.

* A scarce Charles Lancaster 14 bore double barrelled hammer shotgun, number 1 of a pair, this gun is totally solid and has been nitro proofed, it has fired less than 100 rounds in 15 years, only £2,000 *

U.S. Trench Knife.

* A very scarce WW1 trench knife/knuckle duster the blade is 12 5/8" long and 17 1/4" O/A including the skull crusher, the blade and the brass grip stamped US 1918. Only £500 *

German Trench Knife.

* WW1 German trench knife, Only £150 *

Wyatt Earp Knife.

* A very nice pocket knife form the "Franklin Mint Collectors Knives" range, the blade is just under 3 inches long. Please note: this is not a lock knife, only £50 *

Trulock & Son, Dublin.

* A good turnover percussion pistol by the well respected Irish gunmaker "Trulock", the 3" barrels engraved on one "Trulock & Son" and on the other "Dublin", the super walnut stock has a nice butt trap that allows lead balls and percussion caps to be housed. It's in a nice oak case with the original key and lined in green felt and contains a powder flask, bullet mould and has a trade label fixed to the inside of the lid. The gun is in good working order and condition. Only £875 *

Knife Pistol.

* Belgian made side by side pin fire pistol, approximately 20 bore, fitted with a flip out knife/dagger on to top of the barrels, it also has folding triggers which are activated by cocking the hammers. Walnut grip with metal butt cap. These knife pistols are quite scarce and unusual collectors items,  only £750 *

Eley-Kynoch blazer buttons.

* Very nice PURPOSE made buttons for a blazer or overcoat (Not spent cartridge heads, these are REAL), each one is marked "Eley - Kynoch 12" They could very easily be made into cufflinks, Only £5 each *

Dixon game counter.

* A super four dial game counter by "James Dixon & Sons" marked on one side "Pheasants" and "Partridges" and with "Hares" and "Rabbits" on the other side, it's also marked with the Dixon trumpet and banner makers mark and has a suspension loop. Only £650 *

Lancaster game scorer.

* Very scarce, The Lancaster gun stock game scorer, Only £450 *

Very unusual accessory.

* Double ended container, one for lead balls, one oil, very unusual, only £175 *

Colt Thunderer.

* Colt Thunderer, E Mail Mick for details & price *

John William Parkhouse.

* A good 12 bore side by side pin fire sporting shotgun by John William Parkhouse, it has 29 3/4" barrels fitted to a super figured Walnut stock with a pull of 14 1/2" inc the steel butt plate, it's 46 1/2" O/A and in good working order and condition. Only £775 *

Colt Army Model 1860.

*  Colt 44 Army classic percussion revolver, in good working order and cut out for a shoulder stock. All matching numbers. The Model 1860 was used extensively during the Civil War, only £1,200 *

Hammond patent Bulldog.

* A scarce •44rf Connecticut Arms & Manf Co. single shot derringer "Hammond patent Bulldog" C.1866-1880 only 8000 made, this pistol is in great working order and in good condition. Only £750 *

Zimmerstutzen By "Hans Lechner".

* A scarce 4mm RF Zimmerstutzen By "Hans Lechner" built on the Stiegle System Sn.1414, It has a fluted 30" 'Barrel' with a removable foresight and adjustable tang peep sight, the scroll trigger guard with double set triggers, the Walnut stock with a well carved cheek and thumb rest, the whole in great working order and condition. Only £775  *

0•22 Pistols.

* Blank firing starting pistols in 0•22 calibre, one German and one Italian, only £75 each *

Remington Model 1875.

* A true cowboy/wild west revolver model 1875 "Remington" single action army {improved army or frontier army} C.1878-1888 only approximately 25-30,000 made. This one is in •44 Remington. The revolver is nickel plated and in great working order. Only £2,500 *

Matched pair of Belgian Revolvers.

* Rare Belgian patent revolvers, matched pair with consecutive serial numbers, obsolete 11mm calibre, £4,000 for the pair *



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