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•303 Enfield service rifle.

* A good skeleton •303 Enfield service rifle, this has the "SKN" prefix to the serial number, this is in full working order and a great addition to any military arms or curio collection, a great conversation piece. Only £250 *

Remington percussion case.

* A very good case set up to fit a Remington percussion revolver, Only £85 *

W.W. Greener.

* A scarce "Safeti-killer" by W. W. Greener, these were made in only two calibre's •22rf and •310 cadet, this is in the •310 cambering for larger animals (cow's, horses etc) this curio is in good condition and working order. Only £250 *

Shotgun Case.

* A very nice solid oak gun case for a rook rifle or single barrel shotgun, it has a trade label of "Westley Richards" to the inside of the box and all it's internal sections are solid and will take up to 30" barrels. The inside measurements are 30 1/2"  X  7 1/4"  this is a nice case which would enhance the value of any gun put in it. Only £350 *

Colt 45.

* A Franklin Mint issue replica of the world famous Colt 45 Model 1911. This is of superb quality and comemmorates the great John Wayne and the use of this gun by all the armed forces. This is a limited edition, comes with a certificate and is framed, The gun has the same weight and balance as an original 1911. The magazine is detachable, it racks and dry fires, Only £250 *

Engraved 11mm pin fire revolver.

* Beautifully engraved Belgian Pin Fire 6 shot 11mm revolver, 6 1/4" barrel, bone grips, lanyard ring, ejector rod, this antique functions very well in both single and double action, Only £550 *

Western Spurs A.

* A nice pair of western spurs, steel with silver overlay showing a grapevine pattern one side, and silver stripes on the other, nice embossed period leather straps, Only £425 *

Western Spurs B

* Another nice pair of western spurs, steel with silver overlay showing a grapevine pattern one side, and silver stripes on the other, nice period leather straps, Only £400 *

Western Spurs C

* A very unusual pair of western spurs that are complete with very nice embossed leather boot protectors, with silver trim and silver buckles, only £650 *

Box Spurs.

* A pair of Cavalry box spurs, conveniently marked left and right to avoid getting them on the wrong boot, Only £50 *

Blank firing Model 8000.

* Blank firing semi automatic pistol Model 8000 F.S. Made in Italy by Valtro S.R.L. Complete with instructions, cleaning brush and original case, only £200 *

Blank firing Model 95.

* Blank firing semi automatic pistol Model 95 (Model AP92 Army cardboard sleeve around the case). Made in Italy by Valtro S.R.L. Complete with the original case, only £200 *

Gun mounting brackets.

* Expandable wall mounting gun brackets, only £15 a pair *

Fencing foils.

* A pair of very early fencing foils, only £80 for the pair *

7mm Blow guns.

* Very scarce early 7mm blow guns, slight restoration needed, both with different loading actions, £650 each *

Coloubus monkey skin.

* Coloubus monkey skin, measures 42" from tip to tip, and is 26" wide, only £80 *

Deer skin.

* Dear skin, measures 42" x  26", only £40 *

Rug made from skins.

* The rug is made of up to 40 skins and is very large, too large for our background, so the photo shows it folded and rolled up. Unfolded and rolled out it measures 5'-0" x  6'-6", only £80 *

Remington No4.

* A good "Remington new model No4" rolling block rifle C.1913-1923 it's in •32rf short-long, it has a 22 1/2" full octagonal barrel with a take down action, these were made for the boy scout's and has a production run of between 10,000 - 25,000, the rifle is in good working order and condition. Only £675 *


~ Made for the German Royal Family ~


* This gun certainly is unique. It has a crossover stock, right shoulder ~ left eye, the whole action is finely engraved, with gold inlay. The butt plate with trap is also engraved. It has a 2 leaf rear sight and folding peep sight to tang, set triggers and and unusual and beautiful swivel trigger guard. Only £2,750 *

Youngs patent 2 shot pump.

* Youngs patent 2 shot pump action shotgun, patented by Charles Sparrow Young ranking trap shooter in the 1880's, made circa 1902, Only £1,500 *

Silver pepperette.

* A silver pepperette modelled as a shotgun cartridge, made by Horace Woodward & Co, London 1894, Only £250 *

Pair of Silver pepperettes.

* A pair of silver pepperettes modelled as a shotgun cartridge, made by Horace Woodward & Co, London 1894, Only £600 *


* Inuit art, only £250 *

Webley and Scott Pritchett.

* A scarce Pritchett patent bayonet for the Webley and Scott military issue revolver, it's in great condition. Only £250 *

Tower Carbine.

* A very nice carbine with Tower lock, in very good working order and condition, Only £750 *

Tranter double trigger.

* A double trigger Tranter is super condition and working order, a good edition to any collector of English percussion revolvers, Only £1,200 *

Victoria Militia Rifle.

* A good W.W. Greener 0•310 Cadet training rifle, as used by the Victoria Militia of Australia. This has many good markings including the Kangaroo stamp, making it very interesting to the collector of historic weapons, Only £750 *


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