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Exporting Guns

Due to new legislation, anyone exporting a gun out of the UK will have print out this form, fill it in and sign it, and return to me.

If you e mail me, I can e mail you the PDF version which is much clearer.

Mick Shepherd.

•50-70 Springfield carbine.

* A scarce •50-70 Springfield carbine, it has a 22" barrel with a great bore, the top of the lock marked 1866 with an Eagle head under and the lock and trigger guard, all with matching numbers 2210. The gun has been restocked and Indian decorated, this gun is in good working order and condition and would make a great shooter if put on your FAC. Only £1,500 *

•577 Snider Carbine.

* A nice •577 Snider Carbine with a good bore having five groove rifling, this was made by W. H. Tisdall with the lock dated 1872, this is a good honest gun in good working order and condition. Only £675 *

Westley Richards 'Monkey Tail'.

* A rare capping breech loader by "Westley Richards" commonly known as a 'Monkey Tail", the gun had standard spec and is in good working order and condition. Only £750 *

Peabody carbine.

* A scarce "Peabody" carbine in •577-450, the 21 1/2 barrel with a good bore and Henry rifling, the nice Walnut stock with checkered steel butt plate, this gun was made by the "Imperial Gun Company". Only £750 *

•310 Cadet Kangaroo killer!

* A good •310 Cadet rifle made by the world famous Birmingham Small Arms company, this was made for export to Australia, the right of the action marked "Commonwealth of Australia" with VIC (Victoria) underneath it, the Walnut stock is also stamped with COA, the top of the action has a Kangaroo stamped on it, the barrel has nice adjustable rear sight and the woodwork has minor bruising to it. Only £675 *

Spandau Mauser 71-84.

* A very good "Spandau Mauser 71-84" in great condition with a mirror bore, this is a standard spec military service rifle with great markings and in good working order and condition. Only £850 The condition reflects the price. *

Double rifle by N. Delany.

* A great side by side percussion double rifle by "N Delany" it has 31 1/2" steel barrels fitted to a super Walnut stock with a cheek piece with a pull of 13 1/2" inc the steel butt plate, it has a nice game scene engraved lock's, the gun is in great overall condition (except for the replacement trigger guard) Only £1,200 *

Winchester take down model 1894.

* This would have been a great Winchester carbine model 1894, Sn.395xxx C.1907 if some idiot hadn't tried to file part of the barrel round, as this is a take down model with a 20" barrel and 2/3 magazine tube, the gun is chambered for the •32-40 (section 58-2) I believe this was part of a Japanese contract. Only £2250 *

Winchester Model 1876.

* A rare Winchester model 1876 musket carbine in •45-75 gun number 62xxx C.1888 only 1118 produced that year, there is a minor crack to the forend other than that it's a great gun for the collector. Only £3,250 *

Smith & Wesson 44 Russian.

* Smith & Wesson Model 3, 1st Model single action in 0•44 Russian, refinished, slightly shortened barrel for a faster draw, replacement ivory imitation grips, and also the original wooden grips, an exceptionally beautiful gun, Classed as an Antique and for sale to a collector under Section 58 (2) No Licence Needed ! only £1,950 *

W.W. Greener.

* A good quality vintage side by side boxlock shotgun in 16 bore by the great and world famous gun maker "W. W. Greener" the 28 1/8" blacked steel barrels are nitro

Old Colt Mod 1847 Walker.



* Colt Walker, a period Belgian copy of this famed pistol, it is perfect in every way, very good condition and working order, this is for sale at a snip of only £4,000 which is a MEGA saving on an original which would cost over half a Million ! it may not be an original, but would fill a gap in your Colt collection. *

Clint Eastwood in Josey Wales, with a couple of Colt Walkers !


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