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Webley's Patent •32 rimfire.

* Webley's Patent •32 rimfire pocket revolver in great working order and condition for it's age. It has a 3" barrel and the top strap is engraved "P. Webley & Son, St James's, London" the frame is stamped with the Webley & Scott winged bullet with Webley's patent, the Walnut grips are in great condition. Only £950 *

St Etienne, Paris.

* A nice French "St Etienne, Paris" made pocket revolver in the obsolete calibre •320 CF. It has a 3" barrel, nice chequered Walnut grips and a folding trigger, the overall length of the gun is 5". Only £950 *

Smith & Wesson Revolver.

* Smith & Wesson ultra rare revolver in the certified obsolete calibre 0•32-44 Smith & Wesson. This single action revolver has a 6 1/2" barrel, very good action and bore, and a really very smooth and crisp trigger action. So smooth we thought the action had been worked on, but Smith & Wesson just made the model this good. No licence required, on sale to a collector of Section 58 (2) obsolete calibre antiques for only £2,750 *

Smith & Wesson Revolver.

* Smith & Wesson double action revolver in 0•44 Russian, 4" barrel, fantastic bore, Very low serial number dating the antique to 1881 or early 1882. No licence required as this is classified as Section 58 (2) on sale to a collector for only £2,250 *

Smith & Wesson double action 44 Russian.


* Smith & Wesson double action revolver in 0•44 Russian, 6" barrel, nickel finish, mechanically brilliant and functions superbly in both single and double action, fantastic bore, old powder corrosion visible on the underside of the barrel as seen in the photos above. No licence required as this is classified as Section 58 (2). On sale to a collector of antique arms for only £2,500 *

Smith & Wesson Revolver.

* Smith & Wesson double action revolver in 0•44 Smith & Wesson American, which is almost identical to the 0•44 Russian and is also firmly on the "Home Office Obsolete Calibres List", it has a 6" barrel and a good bore. No licence required as this is classified as Section 58 (2) on sale to a collector for only £1,500 *

Colt Lightening •40-60.

* A scarce "Colt" made pump action rifle of heavy frame in •40-60-260, this is one of the only models that we are able to own in the UK without a licence, it has a good bore and is in great condition and working order. Only £4,000 *

Colt •41 Engraved.

* A great "Colt" made double action revolver in •41 LC with factory engraving, it has a good bore and grips, the revolver is in great working order and condition. It is housed in it's period leather holster made by S. D. Myres of El Paso TX, this great honest kit is very scarce in the UK (Section 58-2) Only £2,750 *

Colt •41 Thunderer.

* A very nice "Colt" Thunderer in •41 LC with a 4 1/2" barrel with ejector rod. This revolver is in super condition and great working order, these are very scarce in the UK. Only £3,000 *

Remington Hepburn.

* A scarce "Remington Hepburn" in •32-40, this is a great target rifle with the adjustable foresight and flip up tang sight, it has a super bore and is in good working order and condition, it really does shoot well. Only £4,250 *

Sharps •50-70.

Our hero Clint used a similar Sharps rifle in the classic film "The good, the bad and the ugly".

* A good •50-70 gov Sharps saddle ring carbine of standard specification. This is a factory conversion from percussion as it still retains the Lawrence taper primer lock. The stock butt plate has the cut out for the patch box, it has a great bore and is good working order and condition. Only £1,950 *

Smith & Wesson 0•44 Russian.

Was this gun ever fired ?

Just look at the Bore !

* This is just about the least used Smith & Wesson Russian we have seen for a long time, the action is completely tight. A wonderful antique that will certainly increase in value each year you own it.  This gun will most probably sell to the first person who handles it ! if you are looking for a mechanically perfect 44 Russian single action, call Mick now on 07970-239211 or e mail him MicksGuns343@gmail.com *

Marlin tip up revolver.


* Coming soon.... *

We are often asked what Damascus steel barrels or blades are, so here is a short explanation:


Damascus knife.

* A super looking Bowie knife with a beautiful Damascus blade measuring 7 7/8" long and 1 3/4" wide, the knife is 13" overall with bone scales. It is a very practical knife and very sharp, please read about this in the above text. Only £175 *

Damascus knife.

* A beautifully made "Tanto" style knife made from Damascus steel (please read the text on these above) the blade measures 7 1/4" x 1 1/8" and 12 1/4" overall, a great looking knife which would be a joy to own. Only £150 *

Damascus knife.

* I picked up this knife for the sheer beauty of the Damascus blade which measures 4 7/8". Its overall length is 9 5/8" and it fits the hand really well and just feels great. This knife would enhance any knife collection. Only 175 *

Acro1 Co2 air pistol.

* A nice "Acro1" Co2 air pistol by Am Pell "plink-N-Whiz" pistol, it is in it's original cardboard box with instructions, the gun is in great condition and working order with good seals. Only £275 *

Lee Enfield service rifle.

* A very good de-activated Lee Enfield service rifle of standard specifications, complete with it's certificate of deactivation, Only £425 *

•577-450 Martini Henry carbine.

* An unusual •577-450 Martini Henry carbine, the 19 3/4" barrel marked "K. P. Lodhayala & Co Fine English Manufacture".  The action is engraved with scrolls and a Hindu inscription, Only £675 *

French alarm gun.

* A scarce iron French alarm gun circa 1900. The barrel pivots sideways for loading and the frame is marked "Depose" it's in good working order, Only £350 *

No3 By Webley.

* A good •22 rf sports starting pistol No3 By Webley in it's original cardboard box with trade label and instructions, Only £80 *

A "Perfecta".

* A "Perfecta" starting pistol in good working order and condition, Only £50 *

Hawking glove.

* A "New" unused leather hawking glove with the badge of the Yorkshire Falconry club stitched on it, Only £30 *

8 bore single barrel shotgun.

* A very good 8 bore single barrel shotgun by "G. E. Lewis", the gun has a 36" browned Damascus twist barrel which is choke bored and engraved with "G E Lewis, choke bore, Lower Loveday St, Birmingham, No 6926" which is fitted to a pistol grip walnut stock making it 53" overall in length, the back action lock hammer lock is finely engraved with ducks taking off from a marsh setting with some scroll engraving the whole in good overall condition and working order plus a good bore, these have been going up in value and harder to find, no licence required, Only £2,250 *

Double action pinfire.

* A 7mm double action pinfire revolver with 2 1/2" ovate barrel, this one has a top strap unlike the more common open top ones that you come across. It has Walnut grips and is in good working order and condition. Only £295 *

8 shot top break starting pistol.

* A good 0•22 rimfire 8 shot top break starting pistol (revolver) in good working order and condition. Only £175 *


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